Last weekend was one that seemed to have everything. The weather washed out any ideas of play on Sunday and saw the Firsts (at YMCA), Thirds (at Leinster C.C.) and Fifths (at home to Merrion) all called off leaving players to decide whether to admit to their other half that their game was off or take to a bar to watch another day of international sport.

Saturday had seen the Sixth team of 10 take on the students of Dublin University in the Minor Cup. Despite losing the toss Pembroke were happy enough to bat first. However a series of collapses and plenty of low scores saw the side struggle to 74. Thomas Musgrave put up some resistance and was rewarded with a 20 run partnership that meant the team did have something to bowl at. Extras also contributed well with 21 meaning the 10 bats had accumulated just 53 runs between them.

Pembroke did not defend 74, but of note Thomas Musgrave took his first two wickets in adult cricket and will remember the day with fondness for years to come. Akil Joseph also recorded his first wicket as Dublin University went on to pass our score.

Tea was taken outside as a student picnic before various members of both teams rejoined to the bar to watch Ireland playing rugby in Pretoria. That should give you some idea of how long the game lasted.

DUCC now progress to the quarter-finals with our best wishes as this had been a game played within the spirit of the game and without rancour and of course in the best setting for cricket.

The Fourths game at home to Dundrum however came from the other side of the tracks. As a game it was nasty, ill-tempered, and downright unpleasant. I have written more on this and the entire cheating situation within Leinster cricket and that article is available on

So that is the cricket played. I have no idea of any midweek results for the Women or the Men or even the youth.

Scheduled games this weekend have been affected by the visit of VP Joe Biden. Despite his travelling to the West and to County Louth in search of his Irish heritage, the Office of Public Works have decreed that no team sports will take place in the Phoenix Park during his visit. The Zoological Gardens remain open, but team sports must rank high as a security risk. Thus the Sixes have yet another game cancelled, this time through no fault of their own and the Thirds also fall foul of the VP’s security precautions as they had been due to visit Phoenix.

This leaves the First XI game versus Phoenix, luckily arranged for Sydney Parade as the only game on Saturday meaning that if the weather cooperates there could be a sizable crowd as they try to hold onto first place in Division 1.

Sunday sees two games scheduled with the Seconds, minus their captain Bill who still have his arm in a sling, due to welcome Malahide 2’s, whilst the 6’s were due to travel to Adamstown. At this stage of the week, it is unknown if a team can be put together for this trip.

Tuesday could the busiest day for cricket with Merrion providing opposition to both the Seconds (T20 in Anglesea Road) and the Women’s Seconds (in Sydney Parade).